What is Merle saying?!?

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    Well everyone knows that chickens have a wide variety of coos and clucks that act as their communication with the world. However, as I was about to take a nap, I heard my sole grown chicken, Merle, let out what could only be described as a bleat. I have never ever heard her make this noise before (she is two years old). I jumped up, as I thought she was being attacked by a hawk or something. She bleated twice more before I got to her. When I rounded the corner of the yard, I found her perched on the fence, normal as can be, with no obvious signs of harm or predator. Does anyone know what this "bleating" means? I know I can't fully describe it in words, but it was loud and it almost didn't sound like her. My reaction can tell you that it seemed very distressed, but she was.....fine?
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    Hello and welcome to BYC!

    Only she can know what she was cackling about on that fence. But chickens have quite a large ranges of noises they can make from deep growls, high screaming, cluck like croaks and very high squealing. Sometimes they are making warning calls if a predator is near, sometimes they may see food, or they need to lay an egg! Each bird has a different voice and no two are alike.

    But with much observation on your part, over time you just might figure out what she is saying. Hang out long enough with your chickens and soon you too will speak chicken! :)
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