What is that? Large Water Sack?

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    Ok ... I'm not new to hatching ... but I've never found this before:[​IMG]

    There is a large watery sack on the top to side of one of the chicks! Its not a yoke sack ... its filled with water and its under the skin ... I can see a little feather here and there on top of it. All other parts look good ... I can't take a good picture right now ... well at least for another 4 hours ... he/she is still in there with a few of its little friends that are still trying to hatch. ANYONE else have this before? [​IMG] NONE of the other chicks are having any propblems ...

    Thank you ...
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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Hi there,
    I have had a chick once or twice drink in the fluid from their egg while hatching.
    Their little crops were full of liquid and were very apparent through their skin.
    I only had this in hatches where my humidity had been too high the eggs didn't dry down as much as they should have.
    There can be so much fluid in the air cell that when the chick pips the air cell it drowns.
    But now and then some drink instead of drown. [​IMG]

    If this is what's going on with your chick, it should go down in size in 24 hrs or so.

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  3. daps2000

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    But this is on the back side of him ... looks like a big blister ... not anywhere near the front ...
    I'm just going to let him dry out with a few of his friends and hope it looks better in the morning. I would hate another chick to pick at it.
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    Jul 26, 2009
    What kind of incubator do you have? Are the eggs anywhere near the heating element?

    I'm thinking it could possibly be a burnt spot that blistered.

    How is the chick otherwise? Healthy, appearing normal?

    I guess for now, I'd just watch it and see what happens. If it appears to get worse, I guess you could try aspirating it if you could find a tiny sterile needle/hypodermic (Tractor supply sells them), and then treat the area with some antibiotic.

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