What is that on the back end of the new chick?

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    Ok so here we are, morning 21...We had 1 hatch on day 19 and 1 hatch lastnight...the one from last night is having some trouble I believe...

    There is something on his back end...it looks like a red buld of something...its where the stringy things were attached when it came out...

    and it also is having trouble getting up...its feet are formed but he can't seem to get up on them?...

    I have 8 other eggs in bator...1 is shaking and the other 7 I don;t think are going to make it..I candled them on the night of day 17 and all was well...I had some movement on 4 of them on Day 19...I know I shouldn't have but I candled them last night and nothing!!..no movement!!...Do I go on with them or let them sit a few more days?..
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    The red thingy is probably the rest of the yolk sac that didn't absorb all the way. It should be ok and normally dries up on it's own. You could add a little sugar to the water and dip its beak in so he knows where to find it. The sugar will give him a little boost.

    Don't give up your eggs yet - too soon!!!! I've had some hatch on days 24-25. Just keep watching!!! Good luck!

    Edited to add: Welcome to BYC!!!!
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