What is the best bait for a fox


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Feb 12, 2008
Agawam , Ma
what should i use to catch a fox ?
I have a live trap but dont know what to use . I used can cat food and cuaght a skunk ! Should i use a dead chicken,rabbit or even a guinea pig ?

any help would be great
It is hard to get a fox to go into a live trap...you might have better luck with steel trap, if it is not against your laws in your area. Also remember if you use steel trap other animal may get in them(dogs-cats-other pets).
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Sardines. The rich, oily fish smell is a great temptation for them. You could always stake out a live roo that you don't want.....
i will just have to try all the ideas . Although i dont know about usung a skunk or opposum LOL

I can get the mice from my barn (i worked at a pet store and saved all the cute mice and let them go in my barn , Now i have a variety of colored mice running around my barn )

thanks for the info . Ill set the trap tomarow night
If there is a skunk or possum in the area, your libel to catch it no matter what you use for bait. Tainted meat tends to be a better draw later in the year when food pickens are getting slim and the scent travels better in the cold air. Any of the above may work, or not, depending on the fox. Young of the year fox (which will be large by now) are not as cage trap shy as adults.
That is a first for me.

Never heard of someone working in the petstore "rescuing" the mice and freeing them in their barn. You are a strange one. LOL

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