What is the best layers feed ?


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Apr 30, 2013
my 6 chicks have feathers and are getting much bigger and once they get old enough i wanted to know if i should feed them crumbles or pellet layers feed. and what is the best layers feed.if you know please tell me. Bye

Fred's Hens

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First, don't put them on Layer feed until the first egg appears. Layer is laced with high calcium that is potentially harmful for younger birds. They can stay on Starter until they are ready to lay. Or, you can feed them a Grower, if you wish.

The BEST layer, the best bedding, best breed, best etc, etc, etc. Best means different things to different people . Price is important as well. Organic vs ordinary feed. Lots of variables. When the time comes, see what is available in your area. Crumbles vs pellets vs mash is matter of preference as well. It's all the same feed, just left as ground feed (mash) or made into crumbles or pellets. Your system of how you feed will determine which texture is better for you and your birds.

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