what is the best tasting breed?

cream puff

9 Years
Jul 20, 2014

I'm doing the research before I get the birds, what are the best tasting birds (in your opinion)?

Free range cornish X

They had a nice large dressed carcass size, and the breasts were bigger than most other breeds. A tip on raising them free range though...the have health problems (heart attacks and broken legs due to rapid growth) because they were bred to reach butcher weight in 2 months compared to 6 for a normal layer kinda chicken. I don't know if you want to raise them free range, but if you are, feed them regular chick starter when they are little, controlled feeding (give them certain size meals a couple times a day. Put them on pasture at around 6 weeks old and let them eat that. To supplement the free range i gave them starter/grower and scraps from the kitchen. Don't feed them meat grower unless you want them to gain weight super fast and not free range. If you let them, they will lay all day with their head in the feeder, eating and pooping. There's my little piece of gold :) Good luck!
Here's a few pics i found of the Cornish X i raised and a few butchering pics too :)
They were all free range on over 7 acres. They are also the friendliest chickens ive ever owned. In the first 3 they are about 2 months old and in the last ones/butchering ones they are 4 and a half months old.

"best tasting" is a really subjective personal question.

Generally, as the birds get older, the flesh gets tougher, and has a stronger taste. Some people like stronger flavors, some don't.

Cornish Cross tend to be very tender, but less flavorful than the heritage breeds. This is because they grow so much faster, and can be processed earlier. If you let a Cornish Cross live to a year, it would probably be just as tough and flavorful as any other year old bird.
Sold my RIR Roos to a Hispanic family that swears by them for making the best soup in the world.
thanks for those photos, cityfarmer! those are big birds!

I know that taste is totally subjective, I like the hear people's opinions and experiences. We make soup and curries and things with chicken, usually very heavily seasoned - not to mention bone broths and such. I think the only thing I don't really like is too gamey.

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