What is the best way to manage roosters


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May 6, 2010
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I am now going to start getting into some breeding and started with a few breeds late last year. I have had roosters fighting. I have had roosters keeping ducks that are outside in the same area with them keeping the ducks away from food. I guess I need some flock management tips for the best way to deal with roosters. My flock is mainly for eggs and meat.

Is it best to keep separate areas for ducks and chickens?

Is it best to keep just a certain number of roosters per hens?

Are there certain breeds of roosters that are more known for fighting? The roosters that I had fighting was a RIR vrs. a Barred Rock. The Barred Rock lost. I removed him from the coop for a few days to heal and when I put him back there they were all fine. A friend of mine had trouble with her Del roosters.
i keep my boys seperated in covered pens. breeding roosters have pens 8x12 and cockerals are in grow out pens 8x16. some boys can live together well. i only breed my best boys. hens are introduced in spring and summer. they are all healthy and happy with this arrangement.

i have had some mean roosters who were delicious. breeders are kept for good quality offspring. i have one welsumer one easter egger and one silkie currently. 2 cornish cockerals are in a grow out pen. i introduce 3-5 hens at a time for a weekend in the spring and again in early summer. there are good ideas on rooster to hen ratios on many threads. but i like having control over the hens i select and egg quality. this more controlled method works well for us.
I think it might be time to cull one of my roosters. He is so hard on my hens. Their backs are just bare.
make small pens to give ladies a break. roosters dont need a lot of space. look at different professional breeders sites. some have their keepers in smaller pens. they usually pace for the ladies then roost at night. my pens are spacious compared to some ive seen but i use them for other uses too. and i like the boys to exercise. my breeders have several roosting areas and flight room, room to share with ladies when they are introduced. you'll get the hang of it. i sell my eggs to pay for feed so i have to control fertilization in my layer flock. many of my customers dont want fertile eggs for eating.when i have all the ladies producing in spring i can spare a few for breeding. i like nice healthy large birds with large eggs for hatching. good luck.
here is one of my favorite roosters in his 8x16 pen. he is on loan to a woman who needed an older proven breeder for her young hens. amazing fertility and beautiful EE offspring with qualities rivaling ameracaunas. i have white and wheaten hens from him.

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He is very beautiful! Why don't you egg customers want fertile eggs, there is no difference in taste that I can tell? No one has ever complained about that with me.
We have a couple of larger "yards" and several groups who range , the roos seem to stay in their own yards, the hens go back and forth, but are "home" at night . The roos can be pretty aggressive when confined with the girls but free ranging seems to kee everyone calmer. Maybe it just gives the girls more room to get away from Him.
I have had a couple of customers ask about wether my hens were "Happy" (That's what they said, I swear!
) . Seems the only ones who think to ask want fertile eggs.

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