What is the cheapest wood to use for chicken coops?

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  1. Hi

    I'm thinking of building a chicken coop soon and I'm wondering what materials I should use. I would like it to be able to accomadate 20 chickens. I will probably use plastic roofing sheets for the roof. I am wondering what wood I should use so I wouldn't hav to pay over 200$.

    Also it would be great to see your coops as well!

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    The cheapest wood is repurposed wood or scrap wood. [​IMG]

    Really, the cost of lumber varies from region to region.
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    To keep it under $200 you will need to start collecting scrap wood and pallets. For 20 hens you will want to go at LEAST 80sf, but more if you can.
    When you add in the cost of screws, hinges, roofing and hardware cloth. There is not much left of the $200 for wood.
    A coop that big should really be a walk in coop so I would invest in wood for a sturdy floor and build the rest out of scrap wood and pallets.
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    OSB (oriented strand board) is going to be the cheapest wood you will find at the lumber yard, and many people use it for their coops (myself included). BUT, it's not meant to be out in the elements, and won't last very long without some good weather protection; ie stain or good quality paint. I can purchase a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" OSB for less than $10 a sheet. Price goes up when you add in the cost of a good quality stain.
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    Another cheapest path is using the shipping box. They are well build and usually free. Here is how my look that I built from shipping box. The cost on project is cheap because I purchased some stuff from Craigslist. However, it is little time consuming. I have 9 chickens and only use about 35-40% roost space at night.

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    If you haven't already, don't overlook your local Craigslist or Habitat for Humanity. Definitely habitat for humanity; i was surprised to find one here in my area, but im glad i looked it up! it's a donation center, so it's a hit or miss for items you may want, but when you find it, it is usually a smoking deal, including hardware, lumber (4 x4's, plywood, windows, etc) you will be surprised what people throw out!!!
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    Oh heck, I just saw you're in England....ok, I don't know much about England!
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    pallettes, freecycle, MDF, recycled tin.
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    Pallets and recycled wood.

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