What is the day my quails are hatching?


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Sep 24, 2014
Ok my eggs went in the incubator tonight 21:42pm 30 September. So when is hatching day due? Coturnix quails. I know it's 18 days but when is the 18th day? As u have to wait for one full day for first day bla bla bla it's confusing.
Can someone explain when is the day it's due to hatch and my lock down day please?
Beautiful timing. October 1st at 21:42 will be Day 1, Oct. 2nd at 21:42 will be Day 2, etc. Lockdown on Oct 14 at 21:42.
Correct, however coturnix are generally on day 17. I must emphasize that some hatches are early and some are late. You'll get a few hours notice when they pip, but I would personally err on the side of caution and set up the brooder on day 15 or 16. Best to have it ready to go at the correct temp than freak out because of an early hatch and not being prepared.

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