What is the difference between Porcelain and Isabelle silkies?

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    Or is there? I'm so confused! What should I be looking for in a Porcelain (colorwise)? I think I have a handle on Lavender after reading 200 pages of the thread! Thanks!

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    Quote:I'm probably wrong, but apparently what would be called an Isabel or Isabel Lakenvelder in other breeds is called Porcelain in Silkies, though it lacks the distinction of being a Mille Fleur diluted by Lavender, which is generally what is meant by Porcelain.

    I feel like that sentence made no sense...but still... [​IMG]
  3. Darling Farms

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    Isobel Porcelain in silkies can be confusing. It is a combination of buff and lavender. The lavender gene (or self-blue) dilutes some colors when bred to them. When bred into buff birds it dilutes the buff into a creamy/buffy/grey color. Beautiful! Maybe someone will post a picture of what you are looking for. They are quite lovely.

    In simple-ish terms...

    Mate a Lavender and a Buff together.

    Their offspring should produce Buffs (that are half lavender/half buff).

    Those buffs when bred back to a lavender will produce Isobel Porcelain in varying shades.

    Some people have silkies that look similar to porcelains but unless they used this method... they may be something different.

    The name 'Porcelain' can be confusing because it means something different in other breeds of chickens.

    Hope that helps??

    Darling Farms
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  4. huckleberryfarm

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    Thanks, y'all. I'm hatching some eggs right now that the seller called Porcelain. My first one hatched this morning. [​IMG] In doing research, I keep seeing Isobel (Isabelle?) and Porcelain. I didn't know if they were the same color or was it a version of Porcelain. This genetic stuff is very complicated! [​IMG]
  5. catwalk

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    Isabel is the name of the straw color of buff diluted by the lavender gene. If the whole bird is that color, it can be called an isabel Silkie. They are also sometimes called porcelain, but I believe that more correctly refers to an isabel with actual lavender color. Think of a smutty buff with lots of black, then add lavender. Like this:
  6. huckleberryfarm

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    Jan 7, 2010
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    Thanks, Catwalk. So that little one is a porcelain? Pretty!

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