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  1. Hi I am thinking of getting Easter eggers! Now I am here thinking that EE's and Americana's and Araucanana's are all the same are they? What is the difference between EE's, Americana's and Araucanana's????? [​IMG][​IMG]
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    There is a difference...Auracana's are rumpless, EE's are a mixed breed (easter eggers) that can lay blue/green eggs and Ameraucana's are a pure breed that lay blue eggs. This is what I have learned so far...I'm sure someone will have more info for you though!
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    EE's are a mutt. They are not pure bred. Their genetics are unpredictable. You never know what you will get. they lay gren, pink, brown, etc colored eggs - but NOT blue eggs.

    Amera/Aura - caunas are pure breeds laying blue eggs.

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