What is the greatest age span possible to add chicks??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LittleDarlings, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. LittleDarlings

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Madison, GA
    I have 1wk+ chicks already. How old should they be to not add any new chicks? I hope I asked the way I was wondering LOL

    Thanks for the input!
  2. OldChurchEggery1

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    Sep 27, 2011
    I would say not more than 2 weeks apart in age. So, if you want to get more chicks today, you could probably mix the original chicks and the new chicks after a couple of days. However, if you wait another week and then get more day-old chicks, I wouldn't put them together immediately. I guess it depends on how soon you get more chicks.

    Right now, I have a group of 9 two-week old chicks and 13 3-day old chicks. I won't put them together right now because of the size difference. The just-hatched chicks are still popping along unsteadily and falling asleep standing up. I do think that in about 2 weeks, though, they could be combined as the difference between them won't be so noticeable anymore. 2 1/2 week old chicks and 4 week old chicks will probably be okay together so long as there's adequate food and water access for all.
  3. aoxa

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    1 week is fine. I have 3 1 week old chicks in with day olds. I would probably not go much past that age. The older ones are already much more active than day olds, and are starting to develop a pecking order.
  4. LittleDarlings

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Madison, GA
    Thank you for your help! Chicken math kicked in AGAIN!! I ended up getting 10 Ameracauna chicks at TSC when I stopped in for goat feed. I just peeked in the bin and freaked out! LOL My hubby couldn't understand why I "NEEDED" these chicks when I had 20 at home. [​IMG]HAHAHAHA!! As if I can explain it!! I told him I didn't have any of these and they can lay colored eggs. [​IMG] He just walked off to get the goat feed. A few moments later I followed him with my head hung low [​IMG] Then we walked by and he asked if I was going to get my chicks or what?? :D He even went to find a TSC person to help me. [​IMG] They are soooo cute! I truly didn't expect to get any more. [​IMG] They happened to be in the bin that the bantams were in. I swear I didn't go LOOKING for chicks. [​IMG] I'll try and get some pics out tomorrow! Thank you again for all the answers and help! (((hugs)))
  5. Michelelyl

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    Feb 13, 2012
    I had 4 chicks until this morning...we bought 4 on Saturday morning and they have been eating, drinking, pooping and peeping just fine. I've cleaned out their brooder and cleaned out the water thingee every day. This morning, one was dead. I don't know why- I've been checking for pasty butt and they have all been fine. I do have one psycho Yorkie that has barking like crazy around them- could it have gotten stressed out? And can I add another new chick today, or do I need to add two? We have a very small chicken coop, good for max 4 chickens. The brooder is a big muck bucket with a heat lamp and pine shavings. They are on medicated chick starter and 'save a chick' mixed with the water. This is our first time raising chicks.Did I do something wrong? Thanks for any help.
  6. uptail

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    Mar 5, 2012
    Southern WV
    I am also new to having chicks, but am loving having these little babies!

    I got 6 chicks (3 tetra tints, 3 reds) 3 days ago. They were 6 days old when I got them, so they are about 9 days old now. I got 6 more chicks yesterday that look to be about 2-3 days old.

    When we introduced the new tiny chicks in (4 black sexlinks, 2 americaunas), one of the tetra tints tried to pick on the littlest black sex links. After careful watching, it finally subsided about 4 hours later. They all seem to be getting along well now, and they are about one week apart in age.

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