What is the longest that your pullet has taken to develop a comb?


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May 7, 2017
East Texas
I have 6 pullets that are 17 & 18 weeks old. All are nice size girls.
Two (1 & 2 pictured) have small but noticeable combs, one (#3) has a pea comb but it is so dark that it is barely noticable.
Three have flat rose combs (I think) but not much redness to the combs, although their wattles are red.
I'm not in any hurry for them to start laying just wondering why such small combs. I've never had pullets that took this long to develop.
Weather here is in the 90s with about 11 to 12 hours of daylight each day. My rooster shows interest in them, just tidbitting but not breeding them.
I would assume that they are going to be late layers and lay in the spring. I wouldn't be too concerned with them not developing their combs as rapid as others, it might just be their breed. I have some cochins that seem like they are never going to lay, I've had them since January and they are nowhere near being fully developed. Their combs are not even red yet and they have zero interest in our roosters.
I had one that took till 50 weeks old to lay! and that was an individual thing, not just her breed or time of year, because her sister/hatch mate started 3 months earlier.
Sometimes I think the more you want eggs, the longer the chickens take to lay... Just to tease you!

I had a Delaware that had a red comb for about 3 months and she never laid. Once I gave up on her laying, she laid the next day :gig I called her a freeloader outside the night before. Swear they can understand us

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