What is the the best and most affordable incubator for beginners?

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    Hello everyone I am new hear and new to this I have raised chickens before but we just bought chicks from are local feed store. while visiting my wives family in the Philippines pugo or quail eggs became a favorite snack from street vendors so when we got home here in the states.We decided to raise some quail thinking it would be fun for the kids. we purchased a little giant model 9300 still air incubator and 6200 model egg turner at are local feed store because that is what they had in stock but so far it has been a disaster out of 28 egg only 2 hatched and both chicks died after a few days.so we are trying it again this time with 48 eggs.and this time I have been monitoring it closely. with a separate thermometer and humidity gauges and I am not impressed the temps vary a lot and the controls don't work very well at all which does not give me a lot of hope.I have seen on youtube vides where people are adding fans and drippers for humidity and reporting 80 to 90 percent hatch rates and i may try that. But what I am looking for is a reliable out of the box incubator. I am thinking of trying a hova but wich model? I am open to all suggestions. Also what is the best watt bulb for a brooder ? ok thanks need all the help I can get God bless sorry for my broken english and grammer
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    Don't worry, your English is perfectly fine - we all speak chicken here, and thats all that matter [​IMG]

    This link of a search on incubator reviews may help. Brinsea have updated some of their models, but you may still be able to buy some of those reviewed.

    If possible (and it suits the likely number of chicks that you will be hatching) a brooder plate (e.g. made by Premier, or Brinsea) or a Mama heating pad - https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/956958/mama-heating-pad-in-the-brooder-picture-heavy-update are generally safer and use less energy.

    Best of luck
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    For the Hovabator models I have the 1588 genesis. For a styro. It is rock steady on temps. It gives me great hatch rates.

    For the incubator you have there are several threads on issues with it.
    A few tips.

    Run low humidity during incubation @ 35 percent.

    Flip the lid 180 degrees once a day to combat hot and cold areas.

    The temp probe on the plastic sheet is a pain. I removed the probe from the sheet and zip tied it to the wires in the lid. Bent it to where I wanted it under the heater. This helped some on temp swings. Because any movement of probe causes temp issues.

    Remove the top air plugs.

    Make sure temp is 101 to 102 degrees farenheit taken at the top of the eggs.
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    Just about any of the Hovabators have good reps. I have the 1583 and love it! It's the non digital version of the 1588. If you don't need to have digital controls it's a great deal. Rock steady temps, forced air and that beautiful picture window. If you're set on digital, the 1588 has excellent reviews. If you need to go a cheaper route, the 1605N is a popular model, but still air. However, you can get the complete 1605N with fan kit to install and turner for less than the 1588 w/o turner.

    If funds aren't a problem, the Brinsea are excellent bators but half the capacity at double the price. The Incuviews are becoming more popular as well. R-Coms are another well known and liked brand.

    No matter what the incubator, make sure you either check the accuracy of the incubator's displays or have your own accurate thermometer/hygrometer inside.
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    Incuview. Best all around value. The turning tray is included, and it will hold everything from big turkey/goose eggs to tiny quail eggs.

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