what is the yellow chick please?


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Apr 15, 2014
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Im uploading from phone using desktop view... I hope you can see the photo. Here you can see all the babies! But the yellow Cochin with white and back feathers on the wings... can anyone tell me if they had a chick look like this because I want to know what it may look like when it gets older. We know its a cochin because the feathered feet, but i cant find an image of a chick that looks like this handsom/beatiful little thing :) Of course were not sure on the sex yet but my husband says rooster but I havent even seen a cone yet and its about 3-4 weeks old. I was told the sex links there where a week but their wings are very feathered and even fly a bit! Anyways.mm what kind of cochin????
I would guess that you have a Light Brahma. That breed has feathered feet and the coloring that you have described/shown.
Thank you all. That could be correct since you all have similar suggestions! For now we shall wait and see I guess. We got them all from a local farm and my husband couldnt remember which brooder that particular once came from so we were kind of clueless. He was pretty sure it said cochin, but you never know!

I think the duckling is pretty cute too :) even if it poops way too much! haha

All these chicks are getting so much feathers! I went out to check on them this afternoon and I swear they grew tail feathers while I was at work. The oldest, the one in question still has no tail feathers, but little sex links do!

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