What is this???????????? Baffled

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Sep 12, 2013
I purchased some hatchery stock about two months ago, and got this Jersey Giant pullet in with the bunch.
She started not feeling well about 2 nights ago when she couldn't balance herself enough to stay up on the roost so she fell repeatedly. I thought she was just dehydrated but I immediately separated her from the rest of the flock. She continued to get worse.
This picture was taken this afternoon, so as you can see her condition has deteriorated rapidly. Can anyone give an explanation? What on earth is this?

The pictures look like she has wry neck, which is a symptom of a vitamin deficiency, a disease such as Mareks disease, or from a head injury. Since she was having problems before she may be showing signs of Mareks, or she hurt herself in a fall. Get her on vitamins quickly, isolate her for peace and quiet, and do a search on wry neck. Polyvisol baby vitamins 1-2 drops are good to use.
As far as wry neck.... I looked it up and posts have said to give Vitamin E. Correct, incorrect? Is there anything else I can do? Where can I find Polyvisol baby vitamins? I will get these things tomorrow if it might help, I feel so bad for the poor girl.
I so hope it isn't Marek's.
Ok so I have her on a Vitamin E supplement, Selenium, and Polyvisol baby vitamin. So far I have given everything once. How much should I give her and how often?
I like the website "Oureggbasket.blogspot.com-wry neck" for the vitamin instructions. She says to give a vitamin E with selenium Capsule daily as well as the Polyvisol--2-3 drops a day for 3 weeks.

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