What is this "bantam?"


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Kingsley, MI
I got this from Family Farm and Home in the "assorted bantam pullets" bin. It wasn't much bigger than the others in the bin at the time, but now it's right along with my large fowl chicks that are about a week or two older than it.

It was yellow with dark lines going from it's head to tail as a fluffy baby. She is very thick and heavy with pretty thick legs. If she weren't red, I'd call her a meat bird...

The day I got "her"

Today. This is "her" with the rest of my bantams...some a few weeks older...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she isn't a Bantam... Bantams are smaller than a full sized chicken, and that chicken looks full sized to me
The only thing I can think of with thick legs and not a single comb is some sort of cornish (besides a meet bird, of course). Maybe a red laced white cornish? I'd be convinced except the chicks don't look quite the same...
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