What is this lady doing?


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Jan 27, 2013
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Went in the coop this morning, and two of my pullets blessed me with eggs today. Anyway, I know one of my Rhode Island reds is laying, because I've seen her do it and the eggs are brown. Anyway, this morning she had already payed an egg, and she went in the nest box and did this. (The pic). Is she brooding? Or if you know of have a good guess, enlighten me please! Not worried, just curious.
She could be laying another egg. If she is broody, then she should be clucking alot and should be more aggressive to intruders. Or she may be enjoying just sitting in the box.

HS Pye
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She could also be trying to lay a shelless egg, when mine are trying to do that they sometimes will act really weird and will go in and out of the nest box and contort themselves into all kinds of postures.

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