What is this my chicken just laid?


In the Brooder
Apr 22, 2020
Anyone know what this is? If so, what concerns should I have and/or what to do about it if anything.

It is not hard, but firm. The white looks like what would be the inner membrane.

It's called a "lash egg" and is the sad sign of internal infection (salpingitis) in the egg duct.

It is actually hardened puss.

It is important to track down which hen is doing this. She will need to see a vet and a round of antibiotics in hopes of quelling the internal infection, but it might be cancer as well. So, even with care, the prognosis is poor. Most hens die within a few months of laying a lash egg.

I'll post an article below on it.


Thank you. Dang. I looked online and other people's examples of lash eggs definitely look more "plump" but I have no reason to disagree. No idea which of the girls it is yet though. Might not find out until she's dead.... :(

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