What is this on my computer?!?


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
My computers only about 2 years old.
lately it has been running really slow at times.
This morning I went in a deleted things that I no longer use...
Ipod files, limewire, DIX movies...

Well Im going through my Documents and there are folders there I never put there that wont open or delete...
Things like
18 Wos American Long Haul

What are these and how are they getting in my computer??
Why is my computer running so slow?
Ive been watching a lot of shows on the computer... Are they slowing down (even when Im not watching) when Im not downloading or saving these shows?
Go into "my Computer", "Change a Seting" "Internet Options" and delete history and temporary i-net files., run a virus scan, dump yer trash bucket, Works for me,,,,
Do you go to game sites? I've banned the grandsons from using my computer for that....seems like everytime they went online to play games stuff was downloaded onto my computer.
I use the free version of C Cleaner. It deletes trash files, internet crap, cookies....also all my cookied log on - so I keep a notepad of all my passwords. Have to log back in every time I use it, but it really seems to speed it up when slowing down.
There is a website called bleepingcomputer.com that might be able to help - I have used it in the past. They have a database of files and it tells what they actually are. It also has ways to find viruses and trojans that might be missed by your anti-virus program.

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