What is this?

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Nov 24, 2015
Could someone please tell me what kind of bird is in the back? I am not talking about the white bird. The colorful one in the back please.
Ps this is my first post and I'm new.

Thank you in advanced.

Well, the color is gold laced. With the dark legs, I'm thinking Sebright, but we really need a picture that shows the head/comb to be sure. Sebrights are a bantam breed, is the bird a bantam?
Thank you all for the reply's. Sadly, I was researching what the next chickens I want to get are and ran across this picture. So I don't have any other pictures to go on. I was even entertaining the idea that it might be a ring neck pheasant.

I knew it was a long shot but thanks again for trying.
May be a Golden Laced Polish if it has a crest, but unfortunately, it is impossible to be sure from that photo.
WINNER!!!! That's close enough for me. Thanks!
Although, I don't know how they can see with all that feathers in front of there face.
Pretty bird.

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