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    What is this? I found this in the coop under their roosting post. We just got a couple new birds and noticed this under where the bird usually roosts. She hasn't layed an egg yet for us (we had her 1.5 weeks). Could this be a egg that broke? It kinda looks like there's little shell peices on it.
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    Looks to be the remains of a soft shell egg...or is there good hard shell attached?

    Birds in a new place, especially when introduced to existing flock, can be very stressful.
    It can stop them from laying until the get comfortable in the new situation.
    When a bird begins to lay, either as a first time layer, or an older bird starting back up again you can get some funky eggs.

    A soft or thin shelled egg can be easily broken and fair game for eating,
    often the only sign is a wet spot and maybe some shell or membrane.
    I'd not worry about it unless you see it with frequency.

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