What is this


8 Years
Apr 3, 2013
From the size of the earlobe and the way the white seems to be appearing on the face, I would vote a White Faced Black Spanish pullet... next choices would be Black - Andalusian, Minorca, or Leghorn.
its a bantam...can you get a pick of it standing naturally? need a profile shot of it. given the small size it is either an oegb with white ear lobes (a fault) or it is a dutch bantam
Cackle and some of the other big commercial hatcheries sell bantam WFBS, so could very well be one coming out of a feed store etc.
I can go do it next time it's a freinds he said thise chickens have thrived mostly alone with the owners giving water and occasionally food in winter for 50 years so it could be something else

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