WHAT is up with these &^&^&^&^__I()(*& runners!!!!


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Nov 4, 2008
are they having delusions of gradure or what? *breathes*

ok, so Mouse started brooding her eggs this morning, the call drakes would NOT leave her alone!, so I put boards up on both sides of the entry to the nest, one to block it, and another to keep the short, squatty calls out, but so Mouse could get in and out,

she looked happier and calmer then she had all morning,

well I come home, Mouse is off the nest, looking rather depressed, GUESS who is ON it?, Stencil!, happy and a crazy clam,

I know the two runners, they act like they want to set, then something scares them off the nest -_-

I have the nest almost completely sheltered, so it's nice and dark,

I even put a board on the outside to keep the cats from bothering mouse when she started brooding...cause it's dark and sucluded maybe stencil will stay longer than 2 minutes
my goofy runner also went broody... In fact they built a huge nest and the two of them sat on the nest together, lol... for ducks that don't go brrody, a lot of people here on BYC have talked about their runners going broody
A lot of the hatchery Runners seem to go broody just as easy as any other duck. Our neighbor has an Indian Runner hen that only kinda-sorta stands upright, but not even at a 45 degree angle. She's setting on a nest right now.
but on nests that arn't theirs?

I'm not sure if these two came from a hatchery, or even how old they are, my fiances granfather got them for me from someone in north carolina.

I love them to death, but it does get irritating, because unless she STAYS on the nest, wich with as fluffed up she'd made the nest, and as hunkered down as she was last night, I think she might this time.

I just feel so sorry for mouse, she looked so happy with her eggs, and now with the runners out of the way (Stencil on Mouses nest, and Akai on a nest of 3 of Sages eggs, and a goose egg
she can start over...again

I'll keep you all updated.

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