What is wrong w/this CRAZY chick!!!


11 Years
May 16, 2008
West Virginia
I have three babies that were hatched out last week. One of them was hatched on day 21 and it was very vocal when hatching,..very vocal
. Now it is a week old and it just peeps constantly! I mean LOUD. The two others with it look at it like its from mars,...The other two are much quieter. Plus the vocal one runs around constantly and trying to fly out of the box
. So is there something wrong or is it just WIRED???? I mean this chick reminds me of the squirrel on the movie "Over the Hedge". Any suggestions???
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It might be a roo! LOL I had a leghorn was to be a hen but HE was being weired like that. And he would fly at me all the time. But i might be wrong. So good Luck! Oh Yeah waht breed is it?

Chicken Girl
is it healthy otherwise? like is it eating and sleeping and stuff? and is it the same breed as the other two? my babies peeped a lot and had different personalities but nothing so pronounced as your super peeper. maybe it's posessed!
Yep same breed as the other two. It eats and drinks and poos normal. I think my husband has been giving it Mt. Dew. (just kiddin)
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