what is wrong wih my hen ??


10 Years
Feb 22, 2009
ontario, canada
Okay about last month my wyndotte hen was in this state of pecking and pulling her feathers out from her back and under he neck. It went on for about a week , all day every day she did this and she didnt roost at night. My flock has a small case of mites or lice im not sure wich amd its being treated. when she was doing this a few weeks ago , i gave her a bath and that semed to do the trick. Now it started up a few days ago, She has barley any bugs on her, i checked her hole body and i found about 5 ,nothing to peck over all day , now shes stopped laying and she just sits on the floor all day. shes eating and drinking and dosnt roost , she will be a year old in 5 days , what do you think is wrong , molting |? maybe becomming broody?

any input
Previous behavior was mites...you treated and she was happy...seems to me you may have seen5 but there sounds like more. Bathe them all or dust them all and their coop with Food Grade DE..
One bug on a chicken is one bug too many for me. I recommend you use sevin dust on your hen and also in the chicken house. If they persist, I'd spray pyrethemin (sp) in their house.

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