What is wrong with Ideal poultry's baby turkeys?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Little Farm Girl, Apr 26, 2019.

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    We went to our local feed store to pick up our turkey order(they order from Ideal poultry) and a lot of their baby turkeys were doing bad not only from shipment, but something was wrong with them. We thought that their eyes had maybe just been Like pecked our something, but like 12 of them were like this, their eyes were just big, puffy, and they were acting lethargic. We went ahead and got a few of the healthy looking ones, and they gave us some ill ones to try to revive, but I want to know what is wrong with them..? IMG_9428.jpg IMG_9427.jpg IMG_9428.jpg

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    Sep 6, 2018
    Apparently I didn't get a pic of the ones with big eyes
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    They are probably malnourished. Around here the chain feed stores will not carry a proper turkey starter and feed the poults a poor quality chick starter while they are in their care.

    If they got chilled during transport, that could add to their deteriorating condition. Give them a quality turkey or gamebird starter that is 28% to 30% protein. You can also help them by mixing up a good vitamin B complex at the rate of 1/2 tablet or capsule to 1 gallon of water. Do not add anything else to the water and make it their only source of water. It should be made fresh daily.

    Good luck.

    On a side note, I would never bring sickly looking poultry home. It just isn't worth all the harm it could cause to a healthy flock.
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