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    I have a chick (about 4 weeks old, maybe...not exactly sure of the age) that has a problem with her head. Her eyes have been very watery and her entire head looks like it has been wet. It is not wet, but the feathers almost look like a person with gel in his hair. She shakes her head a lot and opens her mouth wide often, almost like she needs to swallow something that is stuck. She also scratches her head alot. I read that the watery eyes could be caused by a Vitamin A deficiency and then I read about keeping the food out of light. Mine was in bright light, so I bought new feed. Just put that in there this morning. Other than these symptoms she seems fine. She eats, drinks, moves around, etc. The only other thing I've noticed is that she hangs back a little more than the others. For example, when I open there cage to let them out in the morning into the little run they have, the others will hurry out or even fly out. She just takes her time and then she slowly walks down the walk to get out. Any ideas?
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    First off, [​IMG]

    Some chicks are just weaker than others. And if indeed she does/did have a vitamin A defiency, she probably has other issues. Metabolic issues, absorbing nutrients and other things you might not be able to figure out.

    I would buy some water soluble vitamins from your feed store. They usually have electrolytes in them too. That might really help her out. And it won't hurt the others too. I have a female quail that has similar issues with nuerological tremors in her neck. (Something similar to wry neck) And if she doesn't get a couple days a week of her vitamins, she will suffer with coordination problems and neck tremors.

    So it can't hurt to try if you have already noticed an improvement. She may completely recover and be just like the others after a few days treatment. Good luck! [​IMG]
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