What is wrong with my ameracauna hen?


7 Years
May 22, 2012
We got 3 new pullets about 2 weeks ago and initially everyone seemed fine. About 10 days ago the roo and other hens started picking on our ameracana- just figured they had to work out the pecking order. The "victim" started just staying up on a roost out of the other's reach but still eating and drinking. However, over the last two or three days she has become more lethargic. Today I noticed she is breathing very hard with her whole body moving (using "accessory muscles" in human terms) but beak is closed and she is just sitting in corner of pen (she is in isolation from the others). Doesn't seem interested in food. She's only about 16 weeks so she hasn't laid any eggs yet. Not sure what I can do for her-any suggestions?
Maybe she got a bit dehydrated and wasn't drinking since the others were attacking her. I would give her some water with a dropper, and put a bit of sugar in it, or some vitamins/electrolites in it. That may perk her up and she might begin eating.
poop looks normal except a little runny-no nasal discharge or ocular discharge.No rattling or gurgling breathing. She just sits on the ground with her eyes closed a lot of the time- she stood up for a little while and no gait problems. Her eyes look clear when she has them open. She just looks like she doesn't feel good. Can chickens get depressed?
Doesn't sound respiratory. I know some people give them medicated starter feed, I don't think it would hurt to try that, plus probiotics or unsweetened yogurt with live bacteria. Her loose poo tells me something is going on. I've seen where other chickens will start picking on one and it looks like nothing is wrong but it seems as tho they have a sixth sense when one is sick. I had two older hens that were best friends and one day I saw them being short-tempered with each other and scuffling. I'll be if a a few days later one came up ill. By the time you recognize it they usually are pretty ill - they hide their symptoms so well. Make sure she stays hydrated too. Are you putting ACV in the water?

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