What is wrong with my chick?


9 Years
Mar 11, 2010
My first chick out of 12 hatched last night but it cant stand up. At first I thought it might be normal but after seeing the next chick i dont think it is. The chick's legs are out in front of him and although he is moving his feet, he is not standing on them. Other than this he seems perfectly healthy...is there anything I can do??


10 Years
Nov 14, 2009
Kingman Arizona
It sounds like he needs a little help. Do a search on here for 'spraddle legs'. You can make him some little leg braces out of a bandaid to help him walk. Also, try putting him on some bedding that is easy to walk on--newspaper is slippery and I find that hay or shavings can be hard on them if they don't walk well to begin with. There is a type of shelf liner that is a rubbery mat instead of the usual sticky flat paper, and that is a nice grippy, non-slip surface for 'special' chicks to walk on while they get the hang of using their feet. If you have a Dollar Tree store nearby, they usually carry this stuff.

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