what is wrong with my hens feathers?


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6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
I have a 5 month crested cream leg bar hen that has these strange gaps in some of her feathers. I thought it might be lice or mites, so I dusted her with seven dust even though I didn't see anything on her. Any ideas? The rest of my flock seems fine. I can't figure why only one would be effected. Thanks for your help!

This is the time of year that most chickens start molting...it's just part of being a chicken! Are you seeing any feathers around the coop and run?
yes I have noticed there are some chickens that are molting and there are lots of feathers around the coop. I guess I just never noticed the feathers looking like this in the past when they molted.I remember the feathers looking worn out and frazzled but I never noticed the gaps before. All of her feathers look good maybe that's why I am noticing the gaps on her this time. Thanks for your advice I guess I was just being a worried chicken mom!
No problem at all...it's quite a sight when they go into a full-blown molt!!

Be sure to give your girl(s) extra protein to help with the new growing feather replacement. Best of luck to you, we're all going through it right now...it's that time of year!

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