What is wrong with these eggs?

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    The first one is enormous (next to a regular egg for reference), and it always has a double yolk and has a ring around it as if 2 eggs combined into one.

    The other egg has a firm shell but is all wrinkled and misshapen.

    We get one of each of these every 1-2 days. For a while we were getting 1 super-soft shell egg a day but not anymore.

    We have 6 six-month old hens and 3 2-year old hens, only 1 of which I think is laying.

    What is going on? The rest of the eggs we get are perfectly fine.

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    Every now and then a chicken will lay a weird egg, I've had extra long eggs, extra large (for the hen that layed it), double yolked, even an egg inside an egg (shell and all)! It happens. So long as they and the hen are healthy I wouldn't worry about it
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    Aug 16, 2016
    I have one hen who's egg almost always looks like she stuck her toe in it. The shell has a hole but the membrane is not broken.

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