What is wrong with this hen? HELP!

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    May 19, 2014
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    I got this hen about a month and a half ago. I was told she was about 8 months old and a RIR. She has yet to lay any eggs. She has had this problem since I brought her home. Under her vent gets poop stuck all the time and I have to soak it off. It is under her vent and appears swollen or bulbous with no feathers. She eats, drinks and acts normal. Her poop looks normal as far as I can tell. It seemed very runny when I first got her but is more formed now but still runnyish. I just need to make sure my others are not at risk and I dont want her to be in any discomfort. [​IMG]



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    First off, it looks like you have a buff orpington, which would explain the messy butt. My orps almost always had poop on their fluff.
    The first thing that comes to my mind is flystrike, but since she appears mostly clean in the pictures, it probably isn't.
    Here's a link anyway: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2014/07/flystrike-in-backyard-chickens-causes.html
    Check to see if she has mites or lice. Mites will chew of feathers at the base. It also could be that she is getting picked on. I have had chickens that would sit and eat their friends feathers off on the roost at night, but this looks more like direct bullying. The poop doesn't help anything either. [​IMG] Watch how she interacts with the other chickens; does she peck, or get pecked? If sheis low on the pecking order, some chickens will pull out feathers either to eat them or just to be mean.
    Hope you can figure it out!
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    She's not a Rhode Island Red, looks more like a buff. Not laying is pretty normal for a hen that is new to an environment. It can take them a while to adjust. The bare belly could be from going broody. Since she is a 'new to you and your property' hen, coccidia may be causing the messy vent area.
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    I had a RIR who stopped laying at about a year old. Her bottom looked a lot like that. Always large and lacking feathers. Once in a while (like after molting) they would grow in, but shortly after, she would be bare again. Just before she turned 2, I realized she was struggling with ascites, likely due to internal laying. I tried to drain her and keep her comfortable, but she did eventually succumb to it. But it was many many months of her waddling around bare bottomed, happy and otherwise healthy, before she really started slowing down.

    When you pick her up, does it feel like she's got a water balloon inside her?

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