What is your day like?


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Apr 1, 2009
Before the sun comes up, usually around 7am, I go to my coops. I currently have three with birds.

I turn on the lights which will stay on until the sun is up and coming into the large windows I installed.

I start the clean up process which includes removing litter from any nest boxes and from the floor. It usually takes about 2 five gallon buckets. Then carry the litter and pine shavings to the compost pile which is about 4 feet tall.

I then check each waterer. I have three 3 gallon waterers and one 5 gallon waterer. Each has to be full with fresh water and no green growing on the plastic. If plastic shows signs of mold I clean the waterer with bleach.

I make sure each feeder is full and that the birds will not run out of food today.

The sun has now come up. I let the birds outside into their separate pins. Depending on the weather I let a group free-range.

Now I can go inside for my coffee. I enjoy my coffee and keep vigilant for hawks and other predators. My monitors allow me to hear anything going on in the coops and my roosters alert me to other dangers.

The rest of the day is spent running out into the yard everytime a rooster alarms, or doing surgery on a bird with bumble foot.

Some one is knocking at the back door...Its Becca. She wants to know if I can come out to play.

The day is coming to an end and so am I. The sun will set soon. I make sure all birds are back in the coops. I must do a head count to make sure no one has been left out.

I recheck the waterers and the food, just in case something happens to me and I can't get to the birds in the morning as soon as I'd like to.

I make sure each coop is locked with double locks. Nothing and nobody gets into my coops at night. My sound monitoring system is turned up so I can hear everything going on in the coops all night.

By morning I'm ready to pull my hair out, cook the birds, burn down the coops, and become a monk, but... I start everything all over again.
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Depends upon the time of year

Right now it is get up.
Let the dogs out.
Start the coffee pot.
Get the kids up for school.
Unload dishwasher, reload it and start it.
Doctor a wire cut horse.
Let birds out around 9-10am
Go work on house
Make lunch
do more dishes
start some laundrey
get kids
(On Wednesday's it is pick up DD for therapty and grocery shopping)
make dinner

it is pretty much do what works that needs to be done.
feeding the calves and bulls

Ask me again in March.
Normally get up at 11am and getting back to bed at 4am. I have the night shift for calving.

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