What is your funniest chicken/duck story?

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  1. Picklestix7866

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Thawing Minnesota
    Here is mine:

    Okay, so last summer one of my Silkies stole a Mallard egg and hatched out a duckling. I let them out one day to pick around the yard, because the duckling NEVER let the Silkie out of his sight. When I came back out to bring them back in their brooder, the duckling was nowhere to be found! I found the Silkie right away and put her away, and I searched for 2 HOURS before I finally had to give up. I swore I could hear him peeping somewhere, but it was getting dark. I went in and took a shower, and then as I was walking downstairs to my bedroom I happened to pass the window just as the motion light turned on by our pole barn. I quick ran to the window and looked out, and I saw this little silouette of a duckling running as fast as he could go past the pole barn. I ran upstairs, grabbed the spotlight, and ran outside at 10:00 at night to chase a duckling around. Keep in mind that this duckling was imprinted on a Silkie, and was not very people friendly. Once I finally caught her I brought her inside, and she was a little beat up. It looked like something had tried to eat her. Anyways, he spent the night inside before he went back out with his Silkie momma.

    I ended up selling him to a hippie lady who came to my house barefoot with her husband and started talking to me about her pet wolves. No joke. Lol.

    So I'm curious...what is your funny chicken/duck/goose story?
  2. High Mountain Chic

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    Feb 18, 2009
    Leadville Colorado
    Well I've only had my chicks for a couple of days... but that first night was a long one! I live in a very small house (500 sq ft with no real doors inside) in a snowy colorado mountain town. So the chicks are in my livingroom until they feather out. Well the first night they received a little greenery for a treat (my chicks are a week and a half old) they didn't seem very interested until about 2am when i woke to the loud chatter of some very excited chicks! Seems that the newest craze was to run/fly around the brooder with bits of lettuce as fast and as loud as possible! Everyone was trying it! It wasn't very funny then, but in the morning my husband and I had a good chuckle and promised not to give treats before bed. I think my poor dogs didn't sleep a wink that night! And I napped for the first time in ages to regain the 3 hours lost the night before! Ahhhhh Motherhood! I hope to have many funny store in the future.[​IMG]

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