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    Well, after a couple of weeks (what seems like an eternity) I think my flock is over the CRuD.
    I lost 6 chickens including the most beautiful and flambouyant SLW rooster named Elton John.
    They basically drowned in their own mucous -- couldn't eat, wouldn't drink.
    BUT, because of what I've learned here and all over the internet, I was able to save 3 other chickens who were just as sick as those who died. THANK YOU!
    I gave Tylan 50 injections and treated the rest of the flock with antibiotics in their water.
    I was able to isolate FOUR carriers of the disease. They all came from the same breeder and they all had the runny nose and sneezing but never developed the gurgling and gasping for air. They ran and played and ate and drank without ever really "getting sick". All the while sneezing into the others' water and food. :mad:
    Being an RN really helped me in this situation, but it was still a very emotionally draining experience for all of us, including the kids. We did cull the 4 carriers and that was a hard life lesson to teach the kids, but it was an opportunity to teach about how infections are passed and why it's so important to treat an infection totally and completely (aka take your medicines the way the DR tells you!) It was also a painful lesson to learn about isolating new chickens. I know I will never, ever, ever forget the pain and agony that came from being impatient.
    Anyway, I do have one concern about what I have read many times about the method of injection of Tylan. Tylan must be given intramuscularly. It should never be given, "under the skin". Luckily "under the skin" in a chicken is pretty much already in the muscle, but I think it's important to be specific about getting that med into the muscle. I've read people saying that the medicine can eat away at the skin around the injection and that is usually the result of giving it subcutaneously and not intramuscularly -- this can happen in chickens, cows, humans, anything.
    I used the breast bone as my point of reference and injected the med about one inch to either side (I rotated sides each day) of the breast bone.
    After 3 days of injections my Barred Rock rooster (Austin Powers aka Fred), my Buff Bantam Lovey and a new baby to us, a blue polish named Flo all survived and are flourishing. Fred lost a lot of weight -- he's not quite as big and round as he was before, but he's already back to his "old habits" "tending" to his flock -- which is a good sign. [​IMG]
    NOW my only concern is when do I get to eat the eggs again? The injections stopped about a week ago and the oral stopped 3 days ago.
    I've read that we can eat them anywhere from TWO DAYS to THREE MONTHS after antibiotics. Anyone have any information about that?
    THANKS EVERYONE, for your support during this horrible ordeal. Our coop is finally harmonious and healthy and happy. BYC is a huge resource and a wonderful community. THANK YOU.

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