what killed my hen?

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    One of my NH was not in the coop last night when I went to shut the door. This happens sometimes, and they usually turn up in the morning, right as rain.

    She didn't show up, so I went looking for her. I found her in the chicken yard, along the fence. She was on her side, and her ab. cavity had been ripped open. Her entrails were pulled out, but not eaten (at least, not all). Her intestines looked like fat, yellow spaghetti. There wasn't a lot of blood, which makes me wonder if she were already dead. I did have someone making blue-black poop last week; maybe it was she and she finally died.

    I'm posting this here and in Predators because I'm not sure when/how she died. I have pictures, but can't find my USB cord. [​IMG]

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