What killed them ??!!

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  1. smk2010

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    Jan 25, 2010
    I was away this weekend on a business trip and just before returning my roommate called me with bad news..... 6 of my chickens were missing and assumed dead and one was most definitely dead [​IMG]. Out of 16 chickens the 6 that were taken were my named ones. The chickens at the time, from what I can tell, were just heading back into the coop to roost for the night when some murderous creature ran off with 5 of my older hens and left behind poor Fluffy with a broken neck. My roommate had heard nothing, but when he had gone out to put the chickens to bed he found a bunch of feathers scattered around in front of the chicken coop and 6 chickens missing. There was no blood or gore - just a bunch of feathers everywhere. After searching around for the hens he located my Ameraucauna 'Fluffy' by our horse corral with a broken neck but no sign of the others. What do you think killed them? Whatever it was seemed to have killed them quickly and then taken them away to eat. We have kept a very close eye on them the last two days and only let them out when we are home and around to keep watch over them. We are in the process of enlarging our chicken run and reinforcing it with 7 foot tall chain link fencing and gauged wire across top but right now the top is just a triple layer of chicken wire being held down by 1x1 wood trimming and lots of nails. sure hope it keeps whatever it was OUT!

    What do you think might have killed them? Fox...coyotes...coons...dogs...??? I love all animals and hate killing anything including mice, but if I catch what killed my chickens...look out!
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  2. FLchook

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    I am so sorry for your lose... It always seems to be the favorites that get nabbed [​IMG][​IMG] I'm not sure what could have taken your babies, but it just sickens me far more when they just play instead of having a meal. [​IMG]
  3. bobbi-j

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    Mar 15, 2010
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    If they weren't eaten, I'd guess a dog.
  4. smk2010

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    Jan 25, 2010
    Since we never found the bodies of the other 5 chickens - I assume they were eaten once the killer(s) reached the woods surrounding our property. But would a dog/coyote/fox come back multiple times to get all 5 chickens? Think there was more than one killer...a pack small maybe? [​IMG] A couple of those hens were pretty good sized.
  5. TheChickenCameFirst

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    Quote:I'd guess a coyote, or fox... they might come back and carry them all off. (Especially since coyotes usually travel in packs...)

    I'm very sorry you lost them! It's terrible to lose any, especially favorite ones!!! [​IMG] I lost all mine just last Sunday. *Sigh*
  6. MARANMAN2011

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    Jul 7, 2011
    Also guessing dog fox or coyote
  7. Rebel Rooster

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    Definately sounds K-9...
  8. Bear Foot Farm

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    But would a dog/coyote/fox come back multiple times to get all 5 chickens?

    A Fox family or several dogs could do that, as could raccoons

    If they were outside the coop, buzzards could take them too​
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  9. ttimsan

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    Apr 21, 2007
    So sorry to hear about your chickens.

    I would say fox. In my past experience, fox have only taken one at a time. But here on the 4th - a fox killed two and was in the process of killing the roo when a truck stopped and honked at the fox. The roo managed to escape with a neck injury (since recovered). The fox then came back twice after that to get the hens. We spooked him off again and got the hens back and he went hungry. Weird the fox tried taking out all three that were in the woods. We saw only a single fox each time. Feeding the litter season? I dunno.

    The neighbor about 1/2 mi North has lost 13 of 15 hens. They said it was a fox but from they described, it sounds like raccoon - heads bitten off and left for dead?
  10. smk2010

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    Jan 25, 2010
    Thank you everyone and I'm sorry to hear about your losses as well. I guess this is just a sad fact of life we must accept when raising chickens [​IMG]
    I too think it was a dog/coyote/fox since it was such a clean killing spree. From what I've heard, if it was a coon I would have found a bloody mess rather than just a bunch of feathers. We are keeping a very close eye on them just in case whatever killed them decides to return....that is assuming this awful HEAT wave doesn't kill them first. Suppose to reach 120F (heat index) for the next two days with 100% humidity. We have a fan in the coop and ice in the water for them but not much more we can do.

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