what kills in broad daylight, and leaves the bodies?*GRAPHIC PICS*


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Nov 4, 2008
we just had something kill two birds,

a few weeks ago we had something getting into the coop, and killed 3 young birds, each bird had a single neat bite wound on the back of the neck where the spine and skull meet, and few feathers pulled, the only wounds,it was also stealing eggs, this all stopped a few days after it started, when one of our best hunters, our cat Karina, cought and killed a RAT, almost 2 feet long from head to tail.

the dogs never made a peep, usually atleast Sidney, our pit mix raising holy hell when a strange dog, or fox comes too close, but he made no sound, the geese were going off, but thats normal all hours of the day.

every bird was accounted for at around 6ish, I found the birds about an hour ago.

the kills are too clean for dog,too big for a cat.

Becca suggested a fox, but a fox out in daylight??

I got some pics, maybe y'all can tell me what it is.

I think this is the killsight, right next to the pen

the skin on the neck was ripped away

both of the cuckko's legs were broken, and one wing broken in half.

red hens feathers, and chunks of skin

the only wound on the red hen was this hole, and a broken neck

so, what was this killer?? no babies were bothered this time, and no eggs stolen, I'm afraid for the kittens, and adult cats now, if something can do this in the day to a chicken, what could it do to a kitten.
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I would say dog! But then again I have seen fox during the day many times but their behavior is not that of kill and go, that's more dog to me. Were there any tracks? So sorry for your loss
I hope you catch whatever it is!
I didn't see any tracks, but I didn't look well, I DID see a BIG black dog this morning, trotting along the edge of the woods, but he was HUGE, looked to be a Rotti mix, probly 90ish pounds, wouldn't he have done more damage??..I've seen what our cocker does to a chicken, and he's only about 30-40 pounds.

unfortunatley we do not have guns in the house, so we can't SSS :'(, wich at this point I want to do.

I've not seen the dog all day, and the our dogs have been quiet.

I've not seen a possum since the big one we cought, nor any mink lately.
Some dogs bite and go, some play ragdoll. It's all up to the dog, really. I would be real cautious! Do you know who the owner is? If you can't SSS, can you trap? My heart really goes out to you! I have a .22 loaded and ready at all times!

As for coons, we had 2 attacks last year and they ate as much as they could, even pulled a hen thru 2" welded wire, nothing left but the pelvic bone!
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never seen this dog before,the people up the road have a black pit/lab mix, but it's much smaller than this one was.

I didn't SEE any big dog tracks, but it's getting dark..AND! it's fixing to rain,...again...I know I'll be on look out for a few days...luckily, nothing has taken notice in the ducks, and I hope they never do!...thats why I don't like free-ranging, we've lost more birds freeranging than anything.
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