What kind and what sex is this?

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12 Years
Apr 28, 2011

This is my two week old chick that I got in my "rainbow layer" pack. There was one "bonus" chick so she may be a "he", but other than that, what breed is this? By the way, she is already twice as tall as any of the other 15 chicks, so my money is on "he".


What hatchery did you get it from? It looks like it could be a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire Red, or some sort of "Production Red".
It does looks like a male right now with that comb and stance. What color was it as a chick and which hatchery did you get it from? Agree it looks like some sort of red production type bird, but the color on the wings is interesting.
I got it from McMurray and it was a ginger/yellow. We got two, the other one is starting to get some colors on the wings too but not as much as this one and she is half the size of this one.
From McM I'd second the NHR on that one so far. Some of their NHR hens have been pretty big, so while it definitely does look like a baby roo right now I wouldn't totally give up.

I wanted to give an update on Gigi (short for Gigantor), who is now 5 months old. Though she is about as big as Clifford the Big Red Dog, she is a "she". She is absolutely enormous, and super sweet. She is definitely a NHR as well.

Thanks everyone!

I will post a photo tomorrow.
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Here is Gigantor, aka "Gigi" at five months and her original posting at two weeks:

Thanks again everyone!
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She turned into a nice-looking hen.

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