What kind/breed of chicken is this?


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This is the famous Steelers. She hatched in April from a brown egg in my son's 3rd grade class science project. She came home on the school bus with 5 white leghorn peeps in a box SURPRISE! She is friendly to the point of being cuddly (probably because she imprinted on a bunch of third graders). Any suggestions as to what kind of chicken she might be?

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Her head and comb make her look like an Easter Egger, who may lay a colored egg.
Not 100% positive because her legs should be green or have a green tint to them and they appear to be yellow. She looks older than 5-8 weeks and/or could she possibly be a boy with that big red comb? What a pretty chicken!
Yes, she looks like an Easter Egger and RIR cross, which would make her an EE anyways. She could lay olive colored eggs depending on what egg color her parents passed down to her.
Thanks guys!

According to my son this chicken was hatched April 1st ("it was on a music day mom"). That would make this chicken exactly 9 weeks old this Friday.

At first I was guessing RIR Barnevelder cross. As far as boy/girl? This chicken feathered in real nicely on the wings first (just like hens tyically do and just recently started developing a comb.) The leghorn roos that came home with this chicken hatched at least 3-5 days after her and they got their combs much earlier and didn't feather as nicely as this one. So I am 98% sure that this one is a hen. My neighbor who raises chickens told me that is probably what this chick was an easter egger too. It puffs it's cheek feathers out it sees me like I see in EE pics.

Since it came from a brown egg maybe Barnevelder/EE cross.
Nice EE, and if only nine weeks old that comb look suspiciously red as in roo
Don't mind if Steelers is a Roo.

Firstly, it is such a laid back well mannered, friendly bird, it will come up to you and beg for attention. It will just sit in your lap and coo as you pet it. Secondly, I live next to my parents, what are they going to do if it starts to crow, tell their 9 year old grandson that his favorite chicken has to go? The neighbors down the way have chickens with roosters and we can hear them in the morning so what is one more. (My husband is a small animal vet, I should ask him if you can "fix" chickens. LOL)

I did name one of the leghorns Kym because she hangs out with Steelers (the brown chicken EE) She got paint on her neck and I had to wash the paint off her neck under the faucet the day after Kym Johnson hurt her neck on Dancing with the Stars. I will have to add a mirrorball to the coop and send the picture to Hines Ward.
Roosters are caponed, it has something to do with more tender or flavorable meat I think. Only read about it. It is um a bit rough sounding as the male thingy is scraped out. You may want to research that.
You can't fix hens.
Asked my hubby about it when he got home. He says honey, we are jumping the gun, just wait n see if it is even a he, and really only reach for it if it becomes aggressive, honestly, how did I get on this subject anyway?

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