What kind of basket?


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Apr 30, 2010
Anyone know what kinds of baskets these are?

Hmmm...The one on the right looks like a fruit bushel basket and the one on the left I am not sure but I would guess the intended contents must not be that heavy based on the size of the attached string.
The one on the right is a fruit basket for sure, I actually see them to this day around old orchards that have been in business for a long time. the other one has me stumped . . .but with a handle that "delicate" maybe light garden produce or flowers?
My guess the one on the right would be for things such as yarn or something light..

Ive seen stuff stored in ones like that before Im just trying to get a clearer picture in my head
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Should have put something on the pic for scale.

They are pretty big baskets.

The one on the right is about 20inches high and 16 inches across at the top.

The one on the left is about 16 inches high and 24 inches across the top.
I don't think the hay string was the original handle; if you look you can see hand holds under the rim.

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