What kind of brooder should I move them to?


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Mar 4, 2011
My quail are a little over a week old now, and are starting to get their new feathers. I stopped using the heating lamp yesterday, and now they are only on a heating pad underneath the brooder. The brooder is just a normal plastic tote box. I think i am going to need something new though since I will be moving the out into the garage this Wednesday, and well... They can jump quite high now. Any ideas of what I should move them into next? (preferably something that will last them until I can move them outside)
One week old quail still need a heat lamp. And will need heat until the are fully feathered, or six weeks old. At one week they should still have about 90 degrees give or take a degree. So get them back on heat. No drafts. You can move them outside at six weeks old.
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They were getting too hot with the heat lamp, and the heating pad is keeping it was enough for them. Though when I move them to the garage I will probably need the lamp again, since the garage is colder than my room. My room is usually always in the 80's or so(hottest room in the house)
If they were getting too hot, then lower the temp. Do not remove it completely. They need warm air all around them and not just coming up from a heating pad. I would suggest you put the heat lamp back on at a lower temp till they are fully feathered. Quail can not regulate their internal temp until they have all their feathers.
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Leyla has told you true... If it were I, I'd save the heat pad for your back or lizard. Use the tote you discribe with a 60 watt regular bulb in it. Not the large "heat light" bulbs. Most folks will cut a hole in the lid of the tote and cover the hole with hardware cloth and zip ties... Set the light right on the wire... After a couple weeks drop to a 40 watt bulb... Draft free brooder! Figure one large tote for each 10 to 12 coturnix... Good luck with your birds, Bill

Edit to add: here is a pic..

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Alright, I will look into buying a new bulb sometime today if I get the chance, if not then I will go to the store after classes tomorrow to get a lower wattage bulb. Thank you for the feedback. Oh and I forgot to mention my quail are coturnix c:

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