What Kind of chicken was THIS!???


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
Well, I hatcehd these eggs a friend gave me one year. They hatched beutiful yellow chicks. We thought they were supposed to be RIR's, but appearently not. They grew VERY FAST and had alllll white feathers and yellor beaks and feet. Now these things would NOT STOP GROWING! Soon, they started to get so big that they just layed on the ground and they slowly started to die. Even though they were on a steady healthy diet, these birds got HUMUNGOUS and within 2 years they all died! I actualy saw one lay on the ground, pant very heavily, and within 2 minuets she died. What kind of mysetry chickens were these???
Sound like cornish x meat birds. They are bred for food and will reach butcher weight at 8 weeks or less. They do not live long, prone to leg problems, and just don't have to genes to make it long. They are a F1 generation so they do not breed true if you could breed them... or even get them to breeding age. They were ment for the dinner table. Genetic selection of parent strains for meaty table birds.
I agree with the others, sounds like Cornish Xs. Did they look anything like this?


Not the greatest pic but these were my rescues the day I got them.

And here they were a few weeks ago.

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