What kind of chickens are these?


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Mar 6, 2014
The first picture is of the roo- what in the world is he? He is very small. The second picture is the white and black hen standing on the ramp. The third is another tiny hen. I believe they are the ones laying the small white eggs. I haven't been able to find any pictures that resemble them online.

I hope this helps you!
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate the feedback. It was killing me not knowing what they were. The rooster is so pretty and so kind to his hens I am ready to send my aggressive one to the freezer to make room for the new one. Thank you again.
Rooster is a Silver Spangled Hamburg, and the white/black hen is a Silver Lakenvelder. I'm not sure about the other hen, though. Maybe a Campine or Campine mix?

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