what kind of chicks are they?


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8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
I just got a shipment of chicks from Ideal Poultry in Texas and they sent me 9 extra males to keep the ones I bought warm. I don't have any pics yet but they are solid reddish brown and of course smaller than my Cornish X and White rocks that i actually wanted. I don't know whether to keep them and attempt caponizing (if they are worth it) or to get rid of them; nevertheless, they are currently eating my broiler feed! Pics will come soon. Thanks!
Could be a few diffrent kind,they could be Speckled Sussex or Buckeye.The agian they could be something else.And 90% chance they are all roos.You could get lucky and get a little pullet its been known to happen once in awhile.
You have Dinner Chicks. It is quite simple. You get freebies, feed them, grow them, future dinner.

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