What Kind of comb is this? Genetics?


9 Years
May 31, 2010
I've seen this now and then in photos and have been wondering about it....

In haTHOR's auction listing here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=461476
can see a chicken with a comb that looks like a single, but without any points.... Is there a name for this? What causes it genetically?

It's just a dubbed single comb. Often people dub (clip) single combs to prevent frostbite, injury, or to show their birds. (some breeds like Old English require dubbing to be shown)
Oh yes, I should have clarified, sorry. I know many such examples are from dubbing, but I've seen / heard of cases where they just hatched that way- presumably genetic. The next post after yours actually someone posted an example of what I was looking for :)
Thanks Sonoran Silkies, that's the kind of comb I'm talking about! :)

Does this always tend to happen when pea and SC are combined, or do you think your bird's comb was more of a fluke? I kinda rather like it, and if it is possible to select for, would like to do so in one of my lines, just for fun- especially on a very sleek game kind of bird... those birds seem so reptilian almost, and this kind of crest reminds me of a dinosaur crest...
Single and pea comb genes can combine and give several different appearances; probably the weirdest is what looks like a double single comb--starts in the front as a single comb, then rapidly splits out into two sawteeth blades that form a V when looked at from above.

As for Cocky Locky's, I know I have one of his sons (most precocious rooster I've ever had or known of--he started crowing at 2 WEEKS!), but I don't recall his comb type. Lost Cocky Locky over the winter--he was a very tiny little guy. His son is equally small, and pretty odd looking--very hard, short silkie feathering. You have to look close to realize he is silkied. I have a little black girl with nearly as hard and definitely short silkie feathering. One thing I can say, on him you can sure see the patterns.

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