What kind of dog do you have?

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  1. drumstick diva

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    MizMary looks llike Gina got all the best parts rolled into one sweetie pie.
  2. incubatingisfun

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    Dec 15, 2009
    Two chocolate labs Loki and Lola [​IMG]
  3. Woofless

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    Apr 7, 2010
    Two Basenjis (Jibini and Tana), a red mutt (Chloe, possibly Basenji/Heeler) and an Epagneul Breton aka French Brittany (Ellie- the mostly-black one....French original breed standard for the Brittany allows black pigment).


    Ellie is a fully trained pheasant hunting dog out of imported French parents, and yet she's the ONLY one out of the four who will leave the chickens alone. She likes to look in the pen, but last year we had a couple "escape artists"- White Leghorns who managed to fly up to the coop roof and fly over the 12 foot fence....and she never bothered them when they were out. Chloe eventually got one of them. The Basenjis and Chloe kill enough critters and varmits around here- they've gotten everything from ground squirrels to rabbits to possums to raccoons....that I just don't take chances with them around the birds. Much of the time I leash the Basenjis for added control; they are a primitive breed that tends to have a mind of their own.


    (and no, that's not a bird she's retrieving, it's a half-chewed rabbit skin that Chloe found, but it's a pretty retrieve anyway LOL)

    The Basenjis watch Chicken TV:


    A pretty shot of Chloe (she felt left out, she wanted an extra picture too [​IMG]

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    Wow really cool dogs [​IMG]
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    Weimaraner Rottweiler mix that is 3 years old named Capone. He is the sweetest dog.[​IMG]
  6. Morgan7782

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    omg... Capone is the most beautiful dog I have EVER seen!!! WOW!! That Weimeraner color with the Rottie rust marks is just to die for!!! Beautiful beautiful boy you have there [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. BayouPoules

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    We have an old mutt that we adopted from the local pound many years ago. His name is Macaroni and he has been a blessing! One of the best dogs I've ever had,. faithful, smart, gentle and patient. He has been dressed in baby clothes and pushed in a stroller,. tied to a tricycle and told to "mush",. and he did,. he has put up with cats and chickens and pet squirrels. He has gently brought baby squirrels that he found in the yard to the back door for us to find,. and chased off the biggest dog he had ever seen to protect his "girl" my DD. He is quiet and happy to sit next to us for hours, but nothing escapes his notice and we are well protected. He has his own fan club,. everyone in Lacombe and in our neighborhood knows me as Macaroni's Mom,. he gets treats from the mail lady and is allowed and welcomed in Victoria's Beauty salon. He has a long and friendly relationship with "his" UPS man and hears his truck coming and meets him at the street for his treat and petting. He used to be a dark red brown with black eyebrows,.. but he is now a white haired old man. I don't know what I will do when he is gone.


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    I have 2 Great Pyrenees - Kinzi and Captain Sully. They are excellent guardians of our sheep and chickens.


    Kinzi had a litter of 7 GP puppies on Thursday [​IMG]


  9. BayouPoules

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    They are all such great and beautiful dogs![​IMG]
  10. BayouPoules

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    Quote:OK,. now us animal people know to never go to Petsmart on adoption day UNLESS you secretly want to adopt! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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