What kind of duck do I have and will have?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by crazylyma, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Oct 6, 2013
    Two sides to this post. 1st. I got a duckling at easter from TS. Black Swede. She grew up to be some sort of black swede call duck...the duck can fly. High. She is very small, kind of like a call duck. Lays little greenish eggs. I have no idea what kind of duck she is. I also have Jumbo Pekins. So the jumbo decided even though he is 12lbs and she is 2lbs..he wants her...and he got her.

    Forward to case #2. I have a chocolate runner, Cocoa Puff. She is outdoor during the day and indoor in a big tub at night. She is a people ducky. Every morning when the sun comes up she quakes to wake me and I shove her out the front door. This morning she did not wake me. I woke and she was sitting on eggs in her tub. As lazy as I am...I did not remove the eggs...6 built up and I guess she decided...Hey...I want babies. So she is in my room sitting on eggs. I went out and saw one of the small greenish eggs from the unknown species of Swedish call ducks...knowing it was fertilized by the jumbo pekin I put the egg under Cocao Puff. She is now
    laying on her 6 plus the green one.

    Now...to make a long story kind of short......Cocoa Puff is the chocolate runner...mated with a jumbo pekin......The little 2lbs flying swede or whatever mated with the jumbo pekin. Any clue what in the hell is going to hatch?
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    Nope, we never know which ones will hatch, or what they will look like.[​IMG]

    Is the little call okay? I would think that union would be potentially fatal for her. I can see how much you care about your ducks, they sound like quite the crew! I would just try to protect the girls.

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