what kind of duck is this?


7 Years
Jun 27, 2013
I believe he's crossed with a mallard but not 100%. The farm I got the egg from has white ducks and then black and white ducks. He was just hatched september 5th. Sadly the other 2 eggs didn't make it! :( I don't know the sex for sure but I've just referred to him as a he. His name is Charlie in case he does end up being a girl! :)
here is an updated picture of Charlie.. any guesses on the sex or breed now? "He's" a little over a month old now.
Charlie looks like a Black Swedish, very cute. Can't tell sex by pictures, but at that age you should be able to voice sex him/her. Does he/she quack or make a lower raspy sound? A video of him/her making noises would help, if possible.
Charlie just started to quack yesterday. Starts out "peeping" and then ends up quacking.. like if I leave the room and he can't see me lol. How do I add a video? I do have one that I recorded yesterday :D
I have had Rouen and KC crosses that looked very "Sweedish" like your Charlie. My suggestion is you look at the bill color. Currently I have 8 wk olds and I can already tell the boys by the green bill (vs the ducks' black bills). IMO a quack always says a duck. But they do seem to do both at that voice changing stage. Give that a week or two. Charlie is adorable, whatever it is. :)
I have a Blue Swedish girl with a green bill.

To post a video when replying, at the top you'll see an icon that when you hover over it it says "insert video", but you have to upload it to YouTube or somewhere first.
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